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Founded in 2003 by Dave Waight and Stu Fisher as a private recording studio, Skinny Mammoth quickly evolved into a high end multi-media production company that can now accommodate almost any size project. Whatever the creative process you are involved in, it can be quite a daunting business and nothing will hinder your creativity like feeling uncomfortable. We always try and make our clients feel at ease and time and time again we have been praised for the laid back feel and calm atmosphere of the studio, far removed from the soulless, sterile places usually associated with this business.

Here at Skinny Mammoth we constantly ask ourselves the same question- “Is it right?” and nothing leaves here until it is. Whether we are shooting a video, recording an album, mixing audio, producing artists, designing a website, organising a photo shoot or working with a business to develop their brand, we approach everything with the same level of care and attention to detail.

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